So sitting 4am in the morning after my 6 year old has woken up in a rage of pain because his tonsils was removed 5 days ago made me realize I need to start writing things down and I might as well start with the most important in my life .

My kids are so special so are all of our kids to us but sometimes we all guilty of expecting too much from them and I realized this while my son was going through all this tonight , and because I am not going through the pain and because I am an adult I am telling him to relax calm down , the pain will go away and that he needs to understand he has just had an op so there will be pain (and then a small person in my head  that realizes how stupid I was for saying that ,shouted )WHAT AIYSHA!!! His 6 ,his throat is a massive ulser ,he cannot eat and his in immense pain like really now !!give him a little bit more of what he needs.

Now sometimes that’s not medication sometimes that means to get out of our bubble and realize that ,that’s our kids and I know it’s flippen hard coz that bubble got us hooked ,my bubble is my phone (social media , work etc ) but him , my son needs me to think about him and just be with him and he will be better … sometimes we get lost in our world but we forget about theirs … it’s not about who’s doing what or what needs to be done at work or how we need to  fit in socially with the world , it’s about spending time with them ,loving them giving them the best of us so they can become the best of themselves IA

We get so caught up in how our lives need to Run and what is right and wrong and media has a bug influence on this , that we forget we are bringing  up the next generation that could possibly be potatoes if we don’t treat them like our little humans ,our everything ! Take it one day at a time … you don’t have to be perfect,,, just be their mother/ father/uncle /aunt whatever they need you to be & relax and unwind a bit ,you might find it freeing in a way ,so yeah that’s what I realized tonight and thing is I don’t stick to things usually and I am hoping that every time I look at my boys (4 and 6 ) I look at them with fear that time is fast moving and time is sometimes the most valuable thing we can get with each other and that I don’t want to loose that with them ever !

Oh and tonsiles OMG this is next level guys !!! So we have been using nurofen with paracetamol 5mls each every 4 hours as soon as it reaches the 3rd hour he starts feeling a bit of pain but if meds are given on time everything is ok it’s been 5 days and waking up with pain is normal because the throat is dry and all that but what calmed him down was I gave him comfort meds and water what I did extra was I massaged his jaw and ears because its his throat(ENT) it affects all of that ever have a pain in your mouth or tooth and your ears start hurting ? Yep it all connects, and I could see there was stiffness in his jaw so after the meds and a massage while laying in my lap he falls aslp within 15 minutes , I would suggest to make the morning process easy coz that’s the worst , is to prepared for it believe me …have everything ready and also some Vaseline for the lips it tends to get dry and crack the lips, other than that continue to comfort and medicate and always reassure them that they are the bravest , well if you think of it they are it’s a nasty pain to endure


Love ❤️ from a messed up mom that’s still pulling her hair out about lots to do with her kids and life