So your the person that wants to satisfy everyone because that’s the right thing to do right ?yes answer the question ,coz if you answered yes then please stop !it’s not the right thing to do it’s the polite thing to do you need to stop allowing your body to be taken over by obligation coz your not obligated to do anything for anyone unless it is within the schedule of your life yes it is ok to say no now and then if your not ok with doing something don’t do it it’s so freeing ! Here’s a few things that you just have to say I just don’t smaak (feel like it anymore )


Why the hell are you looking at yourself going “omg I need to loose weight ” for what !!! Yes if you need to be healthier coz your fat ass can’t get up the stairs then do it for that but not coz you want to look better in your denims … you look flippen hot in them now .


So what if you just wear T-shirts and denims or flip flops and dresses .., it’s you ,you don’t have to wear an old over sized embroidered denim jacket ! You want to know why? coz we can leave that to the models and the girls that look super hot in them coz they do and we don’t ! Get over it … your unique and start being more comfortable in the style you have trust me it will make all your outifits look way better… a little confidence makes color seem brighter .


Firstly if in anyway you feel to shy to stop sticking in your tummy while your with ‘friends’ then they are not that to you … friends are meant to relieve stress and make you feel better they are suppose to be there to comfort you and tell you when you look like a whole bunch of crap … they are low maintenance people that you don’t have to see all the time but that loves you as much as you do them … if you don’t want to go to the party of your ‘best friend’ who you actually don’t know the last name of then don’t go ! Your circle will be cut smaller but we stopped working with shapes when we realized that there are so many different ones we don’t all fit and that’s cool .

Social Media

This is a tough one only because literally the whole world depends on social media right now … but guess what it shouldn’t consume you ! When was the last time you posted a pic without checking on how many likes you got …screw that , post the pic you want to post coz you like it coz you enjoined that moment and not because it looks so awesome on your feed then what’s the damn point ! Post it and go once you start worrying about how many likes it got you or how many followers you start doing and posting for others which doesn’t represent you and you start feeling like your not worth it coz you got to little likes it no followers STOP you like it you know why it’s important that’s all that matters.

Fancy Things

The world is so cliche , your only the best if you have the best … uh uh honey … do not ever think that you don’t need what others have it’s not gojng to make you a better person and it’s not going to make people like you more so stop! All you doing is spending money and time on a life you cannot uphold … you have things to do and a life to live an education and a family if your have that focus on why you need right now focus on your goals and in time your wants will be easier to come by sacrifice is a bitch but she rewards nicely , be happy for people that are going places and doing things genuinely happy and aspire to be there and make that your motivation but don’t allow it to put you down and look at yourself as unsuitable for the world coz you don’t have what they have ! You have more , you have a goal and a dream that your working toward … work your ass off and reap the rewards !


All of us are either lost or have been found ..this topic is plain as day there is a right and a wrong … we cannot make our own rules if we not living by the rules we sinning if we are, we are moving in the right directing but with that I would say don’t follow a religion because of trends or because someone said you had to , do it as pure as you can , because it’s time and in your heart you need to do it for your maker and for yourself if your not there I can say that you will get there and if you are there I ask you to be the greater influence on others


They matter a lot, you need them the most , even though they are the worst at times we all need it … it’s a place in our hearts that if not filled we feel empty …spend time with your family more than you would your friends , call your mom and dad coz you just wana call be the first one to start that month end braai to get everyone together , spend holidays together summers together because we are only who we are because of our people our cultures and traditions.


This is scary but also very easy to understand firstly if you have a type then just don’t settle for anything less than what you want and if you don’t or if your just dating coz it’s fun then STOP! Figure yourself out figure out, your wants and needs find out how they can be fulfilled what makes you happy and what makes you tick and look for that someone that makes you orbit the world while still being grounded  … sometimes it’s ok to just fall as I did  ,I didn’t know what I was doing it ot was love or of it was his muscles lol but I knew he was the right one and sometimes when your lost and can’t seem to settle or find love you first need to find out what you want and need and know that your worth much more than you allow yourself to believe you are .

Whats the point of all this ? Is that there isn’t one coz we all have different opinions and this I mine … we all grow up and we all learn that everyone can stand on thier own two feet and that we don’t need to be accepted by society or likes on social media in order to be living and breathing ! We just need to be real and true to ourselves and live life one day at a time the way we see fit for the sake of yourselves and our future … be you honey